Staging Your Home Like A Pro

The spring buying season started early and it’s HEATING UP! Buyers are actively looking in your neighborhood. There are many more buyers than sellers and the buyers are burning through our inventory faster than REALTORS can put them on the market.

If you are planning to list your house soon, now is a great time for you to go around your house and get busy painting, touching up, washing rugs or replacing some old flooring. If you haven’t done much throughout the winter to keep it up for the spring market it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. It’s good to have a professional to help you out. They can easily advise you on the right changes to make. If you don’t want to spend money with a professional stagger, another option is to browse interior design magazines and take a note what is in now. They are a great place to find fresh ideas about color and new style.  If you are  a online type of person like me, you might want to visit the fabulous HOUZZ website or  PINTEREST to help you out!

Don’t be afraid to try something new in your house. Remember… you are not decorating your house you’re staging it to sale!

Here are some great ideas from the interior designer T. Keller Donovan. He’s great at hanging artwork.


Over a sofaover sofa

It is important to keep your “hang” from looking static. Try encircling a sunburst mirror with a set of prints. One big gesture is all it takes.


Over a Fireplace

Lean a mirror off-center, but give it a sculptural companion to keep things in harmony. Top it with a small picture, or two, to lift the eye, and repeat over doorways or tall chests.

over fireplace



On a Big Wall

Go for the full-wall effect. If you have a portfolio of 18 monkey prints (or a stack of photos of your favorite pooch), frame and hang them all uniformly — even if some wind up below eye level or behind the furniture.


In a Hallway

Run with a theme. Here, it starts with a chinoiserie mirror and a collection of ginger jars. Bamboo brackets — with lots of “air” in between — give each jar individual attention, and make the collection more important.




over bed

Over a Bed

Buy four related prints and stretch the out along the wall: much more arresting than a skimpy pair, or the predictable block-of-four.

Aren’t these great tips? Try it out and sending me your pics… I would love to see what you’ve came up with!